Bloxwich Truck and Container Products


We produce a range of products which are broadly categorised into door gear, hinges, door retainers (hooks, catch plates etc.), lashing rings, truck trailer parts and container parts (corner castings, twist locks, interconnectors etc.). Manufacturing methods such as stamping, forging, casting and welded products are employed in the construction of our product portfolio.

We use high grade stainless steel for high end spec and food spec products and mild steel, whether galvanised or zinc plated for container or body work items. We have a traditional product range and an extensive range of customer dedicated parts.

We have arranged our part numbering system into an easy numbered system – Child parts are normally identified by BCP BCSP: BCP (Bloxwich Container Part) BCSP (Bloxwich Container Stainless Part) Mild steel items above the index 19999 carry a 20,000 suffix.

Our Products conform to a number of international standards, conformance standards and testing information can be sent on request.

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