Bloxwich Truck and Container Heritage


Bloxwich products were historically developed at the Bell Lane site, in the sheds of our hot drop forge: Barry Morris, Peter Lycett, Ken Titley, Dave Holmes, Barry Folkard were amongst our chief designers, their work still provides the basis of our products today.

The Bell Lane site was the home of the Squires Family who, in the mid 1970’s built a new building in Chase town. The Truck and Container division moved there from Hednesford and became the headquarters for their UK operation. The Family continued to grow by building a plant in South Africa and Asia, recently its forging operations have extended to India.

Bloxwich Truck and Container remains under UK ownership. It is dedicated to the memory of its workforce (past) and supportive of its current staff, which it values highly. We thank them and all of our suppliers and customers for their continuing support.

Bloxwich and Container Heritage 2

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